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CES Readers’ Choice Award (номинация «e-book Reader»)

Опубликовано 8 января 2010

2010-01-08-ces_readerschoicevote_shОпубликована в LaptopMag (You Decide: Vote for the LAPTOP CES Readers’ Choice Award).
Цитирую в части номинации «e-book Reader»:


  • Entourage eDGe: This Android-driven dual-screen device pairs a touchscreen eReader display with a touchscreen color LCD into one multitasking amalgamation of eReader, tablet, and netbook. (Read More)
  • Plastic Logic Que: Aimed at business users, the large, touchscreen Que doesn’t just offer a great eBook reading experience. Aiming to be a paperless, digital briefcase, this device brings together your schedule, office documents and periodicals into one unified device. (Read More)
  • Skiff Reader: Taking the concept of e-paper to new dimensions, the Skiff is just over 1/4th of an inch with a flexible display. Add touch to the mix plus a slew of periodicals delivered wirelessly and you have one slick reader. (Read More)
  • Spring Design Alex eReader: One handheld device, two screens. Think the Nook but with a color screen large enough for browsing the web, updating social networks, and anything else Android apps will allow. (Read More). Почему Alex, а не Nook мне, правда неясно

Судя по подборке видео по ридерам автор согласен с выбором номинантов… Думается, я эти видео использую как иллюстрации к конкретным устройствам, а сейчас не забыть бы…

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