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Участники CES-2010 по разделу «Exhibitors/E-Books»

Опубликовано 2 января 2010

63 участника (здесь и «железячники» и «контентщики») по алфавиту названий приведены на сайте myCES (Exhibitors/E-Books) .

Поскольку неясно, как долго сохранится данный список, я его скопирую целиком:

2010 International CES



63 results found

Aiptek International Inc. Booth: South 3 31428 Aiptek, founded in 1997, is focused on developing the brand of AIPTEK and launched the world’s first pen type digital camera and gained the worldwide… Add To My Event Plan

Aluratek Inc. Booth: Central 12047 Aluratek designs and manufactures digital consumer electronic devices. Main product categories include digital photo frame, ebook readers, digital… Add To My Event Plan

Amzer Booth: North 4622 Amzer was founded in 2003. Offers an extensive range of innovations designed to give smartphone & cellphone users seamless integration in their… Add To My Event Plan

Bookeen Booth: Central 12245 With more than 10 years of experience and three generations of eBook readers, BOOKEEN is specialized in eBook reading devices. BOOKEEN’s mission is… Add To My Event Plan

Cameron Sino Technology Ltd. Booth: Hilton 40023 Cameron Sino offers you a business opportunity for the ever growing demands for replacement and rechargeable batteries as the technology sector… Add To My Event Plan

Case Logic Inc. Booth: Central 8635 Case Logic creates unique and intuitive products designed to transport, organize and protect everyday essentials. Case Logic develops and distributes… Add To My Event Plan

CNET Booth: CNET Stage SL3 CNET is where people go to discover the latest in tech and consumer electronics. Driven by a trusted voice and a passionate community, CNET creates… Add To My Event Plan

CPC Co., Ltd. Booth: North 1027 – Innovative suction system for GPS and mobile phone cradle – Able to be mounted on not only windshield but also dashboard without any tape and screw… Add To My Event Plan

D&H Distributing Booth: South 4 35653MP With an impressive 90+ year history serving as a consultative partner and trusted advisor to retailers, etailers and dealers, D&H offers… Add To My Event Plan

DAZA Electronics Company Booth: Hilton 55006 DAZA Electronics Co. is a professional manufacturer of MP3, MP4 and car MP3. The factory is located north of Wuhe Road, Bantian, Longgang district,… Add To My Event Plan

Micians Co., Ltd. Booth: South 1 20466,Hilton 47000 We are mainly engaged in researching, producing, marketing and selling different kinds multi-function LED projector. We adopt the leading FLCOS… Add To My Event Plan

Ditto Book Booth: Central 12345 DittoBook Inc., is a R & D Corp. located in Fremont, CA with a current focus on eBook Readers. We assemble and manufacture most of our produts in… Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

Easy Press Technologies Ltd. Booth: Central 12147 EasyEPUB, Easypress’ revolutionary new service opens up the eBook market to all publishers, small and large alike. By simply uploading your InDesign… Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

Egoman Tech. Corp. Booth: Hilton 52001 Egoman Tech. Corp. is a professional manufacturer in MP3, MP4,PMP, Portable TV, GPS for bikes and other digital entertainment products. We have a… Add To My Event Plan

Elan Microelectronics Corp. Booth: South 4 35635 Elan provides the following solutions: Capacitive Multi-Finger Touchpad/PST Module for Notebook; Capacitive ITO Sensor Module for Mobile Phone/… Add To My Event Plan

Entourage Systems, Inc. Booth: Central 12140,South 4 35667MP Entourage Systems is the provider of the enTourage eDGeTM, a portable, interactive device that satisfies a user’s complete digital needs, enhancing… Add To My Event Plan

Eternal Asia Supply Chain Mgmt (USA) Corp. Booth: Central 15203 EAUSA provide total supply chain solutions to North America: Global Sourcing Services – Integration direct from China Fulfillment, Distribution… Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

Eurotrade Media Co. Ltd. Booth: South 1 21946 Eurotrade ICT Trade Magazine is a speciality journal focusing on Asian 3C-Computers and peripherals, communication and consumer electronics pro-ducts… Add To My Event Plan   Request Information Onsite Special

Ewig Enterprise Company Limited Booth: Hilton 45017 Ewig is one of the largest manufacturers for consumer electronics in the world. We have more than 120 staffs and over 2,000 workers in factory. We… Add To My Event Plan

Flex Lighting LLC Booth: South 2 25437MP FLEx Lighting, LLC is a technology start-up focused on innovative lighting solutions, and has created the world’s thinnest LED backlight unit for LCD… Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

Foxit Software Company Booth: South 4 36840 Foxit is the global leader in e-document solutions for handheld, portable and desktop computing. Our award winning PDF reader is trusted by more than… Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

Franklin Electronic Publishers Booth: South 4 36059MP,South 4 36060MP Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc. (NYSE Alternext US:FEP) is a global leader in providing language-related and adjacent technology solutions to… Add To My Event Plan

Freescale Semiconductor Booth: Central 12143,South 4 35612,Palazzo Suites Palazzo 103,Palazzo Suites Palazzo 104,Palazzo Suites Palazzo 105,Palazzo Suites Palazzo 106,Palazzo Suites Palazzo 107 Freescale Semiconductor is a global leader in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors for the automotive, consumer, industrial and… Add To My Event Plan

Fun Electronics, Inc./ Emerson Booth: Hilton Hosp Ste 2929 Headquartered in Miami, FL, Fun Electronics is staffed with industry and business experts. With over half century of experience, our areas of… Add To My Event Plan

Gajah International (HK) Co., Ltd. Booth: Hilton 43016 Gajah is an emerging provider of innovative and visionary digital lifestyle products. We are providing the total Media Solution with hardware and… Add To My Event Plan

GAriGrid LLC Booth: North 3033 GAriGrid LLC., a developer and distributor of interactive multi-media games via the Internet, mobile devices and other multi-platform electronic… Add To My Event Plan

HanWang Tech. Co. Ltd. Booth: Central 12240 Hanwang Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 1998, is a leading company in China in the field of research and development, and a manufacturer of diverse… Add To My Event Plan

HiVision Co., Ltd. Booth: Hilton 55008 Professional manufacturer of digital photo frame,UMPC, E-Book Reader with E-ink display and other consumer electronic products with factory located… Add To My Event Plan

Hongfutai E-Tech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Booth: Hilton 54008 HOTT, founded in 1999, is an established manufacturer of digital entertainment products with an emphasis in the personal audio & video products… Add To My Event Plan

Hottrix Premier App Shop Booth: North 4325 Award-winning makers of iBeer (Best of iTunes 2008, 2009) and a trusted family biz for 20 years. Hottrix recently caused international headlines… Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

Continental Datalabel, Inc. Booth: North 3526 Introducing the iaPeel a self aligning synthetic iPod skin that the consumer prints at home by inkjet printing. The skin not only decorates it also… Add To My Event Plan

Interead Ltd. Booth: Central 12141 At Interead, we make the the most portable, best value ereaders available coupled with the widest range of ebooks available anywhere, in the most… Add To My Event Plan

Key Ingredient Corporation Booth: Central 12346 Key Ingredient is the best place to find, create, share and collect recipes online. Our flagship product, The Demy® , is the world’s first… Add To My Event Plan

Liquavista Booth: Central 12041 Offering a revolutionary new display aimed at eReaders and mobile devices, our technology vastly improves usability, content compatibility and cost…. Add To My Event Plan

Lowepro Booth: Hilton Hosp Ste 1810,Hilton Hosp Ste 1910 Since 1967, Lowepro camera bags have been traveling the world, earning the loyalty & admiration of the best photographers & setting the… Add To My Event Plan

M-Edge Booth: Central 12349 Founded in 2006 as an answer to the growing market for eReader accessories, M-Edge’s product offerings have grown to include several lines of… Add To My Event Plan

Marvell Booth: Central 12045,South 3 30642,South 4 S214 A world leader in storage, communications, and consumer silicon solutions. Our product portfolio includes switching, transceiver, communications… Add To My Event Plan

MenQ International Limited Booth: South 4 36509 MenQ International Limited,is a high-tech share-holding enterprise which specialised in manufacturing Consume products. Add To My Event Plan

MicroWorld Booth: Central 13548 Distributor of Digital Cameras, Ipods, Blackberry, Gaming, & Notebooks. We ship worldwide, we stock all of our products, and ship from Torrance… Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

Onyx International Inc. Booth: Central 12042 ONYX is an innovative technology company with leading professionals in both technical and business domains. Our mission is to work out… Add To My Event Plan

Overdrive Inc. Booth: Central 12145 OverDrive is the global leader in eBook distribution. We drive eBook and digital audiobook sales and adoption worldwide with secure hosting,… Add To My Event Plan

Pacific Age International Booth: Hilton 43022 Since 1977. consumer electronics and electrical appliance manufacturers , niche products include 33-functions-in-1 USB-connect-to-computer MP3-USB… Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

Pacinian Corporation Booth: South 4 35714 Pacinian’s surface actuation technology provides compelling haptic (tactile) feedback for touch screens, keyboards, touch pads, and other surfaces. … Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

Pathpartner Booth: South 4 35614 PathPartner is a provider of Multimedia centric system solutions and design services for devices such as mobile handset, netbooks, Digital Photo… Add To My Event Plan

Plastic Logic Booth: Central 11840,Hilton Hosp Ste 2065 Plastic Logic’s mission is to lead a revolution in the way people acquire, organize and consume information, drawing on proprietary technology in… Add To My Event Plan

Plustek Inc. Booth: Hilton 46006 Plustek is a leading manufacturer delivering various scanners around the globe since 1986, allowing you to digitize data from different media like… Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

PriceGrabber.com Booth: A-158 PriceGrabber.com®, a leader in comparison shopping, assists shoppers’ purchasing decisions by providing more than 30 million products from 25 product… Add To My Event Plan

SGS US Testing Services Booth: South 4 36739 SGS Consumer Testing Services provides quality assurance across the entire supply chain. Testing, product inspection, process assessment and… Add To My Event Plan

Chengdu Dazhongxin Tech. Development Co., Ltd. Booth: North 5836 Shanghai KINGSTRONIC was established in 1997. We are mainly dealing with audio/ video products such as DVB-T TV, Portable DVD player, MP3/MP4,… Add To My Event Plan

Shenzhen Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd. Booth: South 4 35716 Shenzhen Bamboo Tech, Located in Shenzhen China, specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing TABLET PC. We also call 7 Inch Tablet… Add To My Event Plan

Shenzhen State Micro Technology Co.,Ltd Booth: Hilton 42006 Shenzhen State Micro Technology Co. Ltd. (SMIT) is one of the leading professional manufacturers of MID (Mobile Internet Device), GPS,DVB-T,DAB radio… Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

Shenzhen Supertempo Technology Co., Ltd. Booth: North 6235 Mobile Phone, MP3 Player, MP4 Player, car lamp manufacture, USA company. Add To My Event Plan

Shenzhen Bettersupply Ind Co., Ltd Booth: North 6335 Shenzhen Bettersupply Ind Co. Ltd., founded in 2000, with almost 400 employees in our 4,000sqm factory and an in-house molding department, five… Add To My Event Plan

Silicon Blue Technologies Booth: Central 12146 SiliconBlue® Technologies ultra-low power, single-chip, SRAM-based mobileFPGAsTM are the premier programmable logic solution for consumer,… Add To My Event Plan

Speck Booth: South 3 30659 Founded in 2001, Palo Alto, CA-based Speck is a leading designer and maker of original, high quality cases and bags for the latest portable… Add To My Event Plan

Starsway Technology Limited Booth: Hilton 54001 Starsway products include USB flash disk, MP3 player, USB mobile hard disk, USB card reader and USB cameras. There are over 30 types of products in… Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

Team Research Booth: Central 12640 Astak has many NEW eBook Readers in many sizes. The new lighter and faster FULL-FEATURED 5 inch Pocket PRO at $199 is amazing! See the new Mentor… Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

Tianjin Jinke Electronics Systems Co., Ltd. Booth: Central 12049 Jinke Co. was founded in 1985. It is a high-tech joint-owned enterprise, which cooperates with Nankai University and the Hong Kong Proud Growth… Add To My Event Plan

TrendyDigital Design Booth: Central 12348 TrendyDigital Design is a leading supplier of accessories for popular eReader devices. The products support an active lifestyle for eReader users…. Add To My Event Plan

TruView Digital, Inc. Booth: South 3 31817 The TruView Digital Photo Album is not a photo frame. It looks like a typical photo album, except now it’s digital. Stores up to 100k photos, view… Add To My Event Plan

Western Graphics Inc. Booth: Central 12148 Developers of PocketBook E-Book readers, the leader of E-book reader’s market in former Soviet Union countries. Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special

Wiltronic Corporation Booth: South 1 21547 RJ Technology is the worldwide developer and manufacturer of consumer electronics. Our vision is to offer a new touch of digital life style which… Add To My Event Plan

Shenzhen Wisdom Electronics Co., Ltd Booth: Hilton 40002 Wisdom Industrial Enterprise Ltd. was established in 2001. Since 2003, we have been dedicated to development, manufacture and marketing for laptop… Add To My Event Plan   Onsite Special


The-ebook (Наши на выставке CES 2010) напоминает об участии PocketBook на выставке и обещает материалы с выставки. Ждём-с

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