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Поисковые машины для поиска именно е-книг (обзор)

Опубликовано 21 января 2010

Обзор дал сайт Online College (50 Cool Search Engines for Serious Readers). А я (дабы не исчез этот обзор в глубинах Интернет) с благодарностью копирую его целиком БЕЗ перевода (перевожу только подзаголовки разделов):

January 18th, 2010


Когда вы захотите читать книги  online, используйте эти поисковые машины для поиска free versions (PDF и  .doс форматы).

  1. Ebook Engine: This engine will connect you to free ebooks and ebook sites like Project Gutenberg, Archive.org, Feedbooks.com and others.
  2. PDF Search Engine: Search for PDF versions of ebooks using this tool, which also features an ebook search toolbar for Firefox.
  3. Ebooksearchengine.com: Search ebooks in various languages in PDF or .doc forms here.
  4. Google Books: Google Books offers an impressive database of searchable titles in non-fiction, fiction, poetry, self help, science, reference and more. Not all books can be accessed for free in full text, but you will at least find shopping information for each book.
  5. PDFse: This is another ebook search for PDF texts, complete with a tag cloud, keyword search box, and alphabetical glossary.
  6. Open Library: This beta open source site claims to have «one web page for every book,» and gives you the choice of searching fully scanned titles only.
  7. eLibrary: eLibrary is a good tool for searching reference books, self-help titles, instructional books and training guides.
  8. Bibliomania: Literature nerds can browse classic works, including poetry, drama, short stories and novels, at Bibliomania.
  9. Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg is the original search engine and archive of ebooks, specializing in old and classic texts.
  10. Digital Book Index: You can search plenty of subcategories in umbrella sections like authors, subjects, keywords or publishers from the Digital Book Index, which has over 100,000 titles.
  11. The Online Books Page: The University of Pennsylvania supports book search engine for classics and more modern works that can be read online, downloaded, and saved.
  12. Etext Center: The University of Virginia’s ebook collections contain over 2,100 works, from classics, American history, children’s literature and more.

Books to Swap, Sell and Buy (книги для обмена, продажи и покупки)

Используйте эти поисковые машины когда Вам нужно обменять, продать или купить книгу через Интернет. В списке есть инструменты для старых и «поюзаных» книг, для новых книг, названий отсутствующих в печатном виде и т.п.

  1. BookFinder.com: You can search through 150 million books for sale, including textbooks, rare and out-of-print books, and international titles.
  2. AbeBooks.com: This book and bookseller site has all kinds of options for searching, including most popular subjects, author/title/keyword/ISBN, simple browsing, top reviewed, and more. You can also sell books through AbeBooks.com
  3. AllBookstores.com: Use this site to compare prices on books and textbooks.
  4. BookFinder4U: This simple search engine offers advanced and out-of-print search.
  5. PaperBackSwap.com: Join this community to search and swap all kinds of books, including memoirs, fantasy, fiction, historical, religious books, children’s books, and more.
  6. eBay: eBay’s book page has search options for book type, rare books, textbooks, printing year, book accessories, and more.
  7. Barnes & Noble: This mega retailer has one of the most popular online book search tools, too, including a section just for ebooks.
  8. BookSwap Textbooks: College students can select their school or school system to find textbooks for swap or sale here.
  9. TitleTrader: Book categories here include nonfiction; cooking, food and wine; sports; teens; comics and graphic novels; biographies and memoirs; reference; and others.
  10. ISBN.nu: Compare books and book prices on this site.
  11. AddALL: AddALL is a popular book search engine and price comparison tool for new and used books.

Rare  Books (редкие книги)

Собиратели редких, подписных и отсутствующих в продаже книг могут использовать эти ресурсы (search engines) в качестве помощи по комплектованию их библиотек.

  1. Inprint: Inprint has been finding out-of-print books since 1980 and now operates online, too.
  2. Bibliofind: Bibliofind and Amazon.com offer this book search for rare and out-of-print books, letting you search by category, format, reader age, language, publication date and other qualifications.
  3. Powell’s Books: Powell’s is a legendary independent bookseller that can connect you to signed editions, collectibles and rare books.
  4. Alibris: With Alibris, you can easily locate rare and collectible books by searching publication years, signed or first editions, dust jacket, collectibles, and more.
  5. Rare Book Room: Find digitized rare books from a range of disciplines and authors, like Shakespeare, law, philosophy, natural history, linguistics, botany, and more.
  6. Book Values: Here you can search for and compare prices of rare books.
  7. Bauman Rare Books: Rare book gallery owners David and Natalie Bauman offer a searchable library online too, where you can find books in categories like music, photography, children’s books, Americana, religion, and more.
  8. Biblio.com: Biblio.com’s antiquarian and rare books page covers law, philosophy and reference books, business, cook books, history books, «books on books,» literature, rare art books, and lots more.
  9. Bibliopoly: Bibliopoly is a search engine that pulls rare books from many different languages.

Book Reviews and Community (Обзоры книг и тематические сообщества)

Доступные онлайн книжные клубы и сообщества также предлагают мощные поисковые  машины, которые помогут Вам найти новые книги для «Чтобы почитать», а такде предложат обзоры и работы исследователей и других «продвинутых» читателей.

  1. Reader’s Robot: Reader’s Robot contains databases filled with over 19,000 books and reviews in categories like popular fiction, romance, historical, travel, mystery, African-American and more. The tool’s «appeal factor» rating system will help you fill up your reading list.
  2. AllReaders.com: AllReaders is a solid resource for locating book reviews and information based on keyword, plot, title, author, setting or character searches.
  3. Book Movement: Book Movement hosts book clubs on its site and also features a very extensive search engine of book reviews that you can browse by top rated, a glossary, or keyword.
  4. Book Crossing: This site incorporates a reading community with title searching. You can look up title, author, ISBN and publishing information, plus reviews, for all types of books.
  5. Whichbook: This clever tool lets you pick keywords on a graph of opposing moods, characters, plots, or settings (like happy vs. sad or no sex vs. sex).
  6. BookReview.com: Choose to search only must read books, or search by review date, author, publisher and/or title.
  7. LibraryThing: On this book club site, you can catalog books, search reviews, swap books, and more. The powerful search engine features search by title/author/ISBN, author, tags, groups, and community members.
  8. GoodReads: This community-driven book search will connect you to book reviews, top book lists, book discussions and giveaways, and more.
  9. Bookwire Reviews: This user-friendly engine offers title, keyword or author search, as well as a category search that can find book reviews going back until 2004.
  10. Sunday Book Review: Search the New York Times’ archives of book reviews here.

Libraries (библиотеки)

Если Вы хотите найти ближайшую библиотеку или уточнить наличие конкретной книги в виртуальной или физической библиотеке, то используйте эти поисковые машины

  1. AwesomeLibrary.org: Powered by Google, this search engine also searches the Internet Public Library, Google Books, Education World, and other reference sites.
  2. Library of Congress Online Catalog: Search books housed at the Library of Congress here.
  3. Internet Public Library: The IPL’s Online Texts section features collections of contemporary fiction, classical literature, drama and plays, poetry, and more.
  4. Classic Reader: On Classic Reader, you can search free books, authors, categories and more.
  5. World Cat: Use World Cat as a one-stop resource that will find books in nearby libraries.
  6. Public Libraries: Search for public, state, Presidential, national, college and law libraries in all 50 states. This site also has a book search and author information center.
  7. Questia: Questia can connect you to the largest online collection of books and journal articles in the world.
  8. Library Spot: Use Library Spot to locate libraries around the world, find book reviews, shop for books, and more.

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