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Он-лайн конвертеры Web-страниц в разные форматы

Опубликовано 23 января 2010

Новое пополнение на тэг «конвертация«.
MobileRead (You CAN take it with you)  описал подборку конверторов. Цитирую (без перевода):

  • Web2FB2 – This is a single page at a time conversion tool. You have to navigate to its page and give it a URL. The only out put is FB2, which is primarily a Russian format.
  • Zinepal – This tool is very similar to Web2FB2 except that it can take multiple URLs as input and it can produce PDF, Epub, and Kindle formats.
  • Simplicissimus BookMaker – This is an online tool that doesn’t work from URLs. Instead it accepts 9 different file types and can output Epub, PDF, or Kindle.
  • mjBook – This tool can be downloaded and run on your computer. It accepts txt and MSWord files, and creates Jar files that can be read on any Java enabled cellphone.
  • Feedbooks – It’s been a while since I looked at this one. At that time I was using it to collect my RSS Feeds into a digital newspaper. The neat thing about Feedbooks is that it makes self-referencing ebooks. That digital newspaper I made had a link in it that, when clicked, caused Feedbooks to make an updated version and download it to me. Feedbooks is also a publication platform. It does more than I can describe here.
  • Instapaper – This still my favorite at the moment because it gives you the option of placing a button on browser toolbar. If I’m looking at a page I want to read later, I can click on the button and it will be saved in a queue. Instapaper outputs in paper, PDF, Kindle, and Epub.

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