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Букридеры, которые поедут на CES-2010 по данным MobileRead (часть 4-я)

Опубликовано 28 декабря 2009

В дополнение к моему посту от 23 декабря 2009 (Букридеры, которые поедут на CES-2010 по данным MobileRead).

К трем частям списка «едущих» от MobileRead добавилась ЧЕТВЕРТАЯ ЧАСТЬ (цитирую целиком):
Ebooks at CES (pt 4)
In this installment I will cover the hidden and less well known exhibitors.

Maker of the Iliad and Digital Readers, this company isn’t registered as an exhibitor, but does have a booth number on its website. I checked, and the booth belongs to Qualcomm, who I assume provides the 3G chip for the DRs.

Notion Ink
This company just announced a tablet running Android, and has said that it will be on display. I checked, and this company will be in one of the Nvidia booths (there are 3).

This company was on my list for another reason: Mirasol screen technology. I can’t wait to see it.

This company has more cutting edge screen technology than you can shake a stick at (including epaper).

Popular Mechanics
I know it looks a little strange to have this company on my list, but I have 2 reasons to visit this booth. My original reason was that it was a Hearst magazine and I was going to ask about the rumored ebook reader (this was back before the Skiff announcement). Also, Popular Mechanics has been demoing a new digital magazine concept platform. I want to see it, naturally.

Nexar Technologies
I still don’t know if this one is for real, but Nexar has a dual screen netbook in its product listings. I figure it’s worth at least a walk by the booth to check it out.

NBC Universal
I confess that I don’t know why NBC is coming to CES, but I bet there is a good reason.

This is a CPU manufacturer, and it announced a new line of CPUs a couple months back. The CPUs have the epaper screen controller on the same chip. The Entourage Edge is using one.

This is a key player in the ebook reader market, so it’s something of a puzzle why they’re not listed as an exhibitor. But Netronix will be at CES sharing a booth with Team Research, distributors of the Astak EZReader line of ebook reader.
Интересно, можно ли считать IRex и Netronix малоизвестными фирмами?

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Букридеры, которые поедут на CES-2010 по данным MobileRead

Опубликовано 23 декабря 2009

Nate the great (он же Sir Penguin of Edinburgh) сообщил эти данные в трех постах:

Первый пост (цитирую целиком):
CES is coming up, so I’ve been researching exhibitors. I’m now up to 64 booths I want to visit, and I thought my notebook would make a couple interesting posts. This is part one.
Let’s start with the biggie. Asus is exhibiting, and will also have a press conference on Tuesday the 5th. Asus probably won’t announce an ebook reader, but I’m hoping that they will announce the rumored dual screen tablet.
Easypress Technologies
This company is fairly low on my list because I’m already familiar with it. It’s a UK based software developer whose main product is an Epub conversion service. But if Adobe is on your list, you might want to stop by this booth.
Because it’s the flagship product, the iriver story will almost certainly be on display. Iriver only recently registered for CES 2010. When I last checked (about 3 weeks ago), iriver wasn’t listed as an exhibitor.
This is another late registrant, and I’m still waiting to hear back on whether they’ll bring the SV-100B Document Viewer. Update: At this time, only the sewing machine division is exhibiting at CES.
Four different divisions of Samsung are listed as exhibitors, and there is a press conference on Tuesday. I’ve already asked the Samsung PR people about the liseuses Samsung is selling in Korea; no word yet on whether they’ll be on display.
This is a Taiwan based company, and it will be displaying their ebook reader, the Story Book in Color. I discovered this company by accident; in describing their ebook reader Aiptek forgot to call it an ebook reader.
Bookeen will be bringing both the Cybook Gen3 and the Cybook Opus. BTW, this company’s name is French for «Where’s that firmware update you promised?». Seriously, though, I know why it hasn’t been released but I’m not allowed to say.

Второй пост (цитирую целиком):
For the second post in this series I’m going to focus solely on Chinese companies. (There are times that it seems like half of all tech startups in the world are from China.)
They’ll be exhibiting the Boox 60. I’ve reviewed it elsewhere and it’s a very good device.
This is the company that makes the Hanlin V3 & V5 ereaders, which you might know as the Bebook, EZReader, Walkbook, or LBook. Until Amazon took the Kindle international this was the company with the most widely available products.
This is Chinese manufacturer of consumer electronics. They have a new liseuse on their website, but I’m still waiting to hear if it will be at CES.
This is another Chinese manufacturer of consumer electronics, who also has
a 6″ e-reader on their website. I’m still waiting to hear if it will be at CES.
This company just came to my attention this morning. Unlike the 2 I just mentioned, Aigo is already shipping their PB6301 ereader. Once again, I’m still waiting to hear if it will be at CES.
If you live in Europe you might have seen on of this company’s products. In the past 6 months they’ve picked up several distributors in GB, Germany, and the low countries. Their listing says that they’ll have 4 e-readers on display.
This is the manufacturer of the Oaxis ebook reader. I’m told they plan to have 2 models on display.
Shenzhen Leadfar
According to the website they have several education products that may or may not be ebook readers. I’m relying on Google to translate for me, and this is one that I’m not sure about. Still, it’s worth a visit.
Brother Update
I heard back from Brother PR: At this time, only the sewing machine division is exhibiting at CES, darn it. But they did promise to try to forward my request.

Третий пост (цитирую целиком):
This is the 3rd in my series of extracts from my CES notebook. If you find this useful, plese tell these companies that you heard about them from MobileRead.
This is a Ukraine based software developer that has released its own firmware for three different ereaders ( Pocketbook 301, 301+, and 360). I’m told they will also bring their new liseuse, the Pocketbook 302. Pocketbook doesn’t have its own booth; its actual location is the booth of its American distributor Western Graphics.
They will be bringing their large screen reader, the Que.
This is a late entry into the e-reader market. Aluratek is a maker of consumer electronics, and they only started selling the Libre a few months ago. The Libre itself is a rebranded Chinese ebook reader, the M218. I would call this company an up and comer; about a month ago they released a firmware update that adds Adobe DE support.
This company’s main product is translators and translation software, but they also have 2 ebook readers. Both devices are based on the M218. One of the models (Jetbook) is identical to the Libre. The other (Jetbook Lite) differs in that it uses AA batteries and has support for eReader format.
This is the PDF company, of course. They released their ereader at the beginning of the year. A few weeks ago they released a new firmware update that added support for eReader format. According to TeleRead, they really screwed up. You should click through and read that post.
TruView Digital
This is a digital picture fram company. According to their product listings, thye have an ebook reader. I’ve tried and failed to reach them for more information.
Universal Microelectronics
This company doesn’t have an ereader per se, but it’s on my list because it has netbooks and handhelds that run Android.
Shenzhen Bamboo Technology
This is another company that doesn’t have an e-reader, but it’s on my list because I’m curious about its 7″ tablet.
Из того, что сказано, есть кое-что знакомое (присутствующее в России): Pocketbook, Ectaco и iriver

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